Ken Wyllie's Work Page


This is a simple page to provide easy access to documentation on developments for the ALICE ITS and the LHCb RICH.


1) Documentation on ALICE1LHCB pixel chip.

2) Documentation on LHCBPIX1 pixel chip.

3) Documentation on LHCb PINT chip.

4) Documentation on LHCb RICH electronics infrastructure chip.

5) LHCb RICH detector column modules: production data.

Useful Links

LHCb homepage, and RICH page.

Alice homepage

Pixel HPD page, with info on the HPDs including mag field tests and carrier data sheets

ALICE SPD page, with info on all aspects of the silicon pixel detector

Maria Elena Castro Carballo's page, containing LHCBPIX1 reference data and detector design

Laura Somerville's web page, containing LHCBPIX1 assembly and anode data

Michel Laverne's web page, on PVSS control for the RICH front-end electronics and power supplies

EP-ED Group page, the Electronic Development Group in the Experimental Physics Division

Please email me at if you find any problems or broken links.

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